Two Simple Questions that help your customers say YES in Sales Closing

You may search many closing techniques with weird names (I still could not figure out some 🙂 ). And at the end of the sales presentation and objection handling you get into a phase which many sales persons or business owners feel like they suddenly entered into a strange devils-zone featured in English movies. Because many people psychologically become a new personality or show different behavior when they are about to close a sale. Partly it is lack of closing skill and mostly the fear of failure and rejection. In reality these two challenges can be handled through practice. In today’s article I am going to share two questions that you can practice so that you don’t have to become a new person while closing a sale. Just understand the script and use it as a natural flow with a few tweaks so that it sounds real and natural from you and the customer can see it as natural flow and not robotic action.

The Future State/ Results Imagination Question

After you listen to prospect problems and position yourself as an expert, let the prospect talk about how it would be if they solved their problem with your solution. You can ask a magic question like “Based on what we discussed, what would be your situation if you can solve ____challenge?” 

The Preventing No-Decision Question

Even though we explored the solution to their challenges, the impact will be high when prospects narrate how we can solve those challenges. Ask “Mr prospect , I see in my work some people delay decisions, why do you think you/ people in your situation must take decisions now, to avoid ______ problems / cost of suffering?

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