About Me
About Me
Who Am I?

I resigned my job as A Program Manager for an international technical assistance agency in the development sector and started my entrepreneurial journey in 2011. The first few years were the biggest failures in marketing and sales. I could not understand why I was facing challenges till I started my intensive learning journey mastering business management, marketing and sales.  I also realized that I did exactly what is needed to SELL EFFECTIVELY while I was writing grants for international organizations during my previous job. I took 100% responsibility for my failure and spent years of simultaneous learning and implementation to transform from Busyness to Business!

I witnessed my share of strong business and life lessons the hard way. The Sales Results and Business Profits  were possible and visible only when I worked on both internal aspects (Intention and Mindset) and external factors (Knowledge, Skills, Frameworks, Systems and Structures) around business management. 

It is not ONLY about having a great product or service. It’s about how you POSITION yourself in front of hungry PROSPECTS who are eagerly searching for solutions and results for their PROBLEMS, having sleepless nights and how you deliver High Value than your competitors, that makes the difference!  Want more sales, more profits, more wealth then become more valuable than anyone else!

That’s why I always say, “Selling is easy, if you know HOW!” I am on a mission to help Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs / SMBs)  to increase Sales Revenue upto 15% to 85% in 12 months or less through Sales Training and Coaching Programs that scientifically helps them predictably target, reach, convert and track sales that leads to meaningful economic growth! I use the exact same practical insights, strategies and frameworks that made me and my clients in my Sales Trainings and Sales Coaching Programs that resulted in getting Sales Profits every single month.

Business is the game of value exchange.

Sales is the live demonstration whether your business is built to play the game for growth or just stuck up in spending the time, energy and money. If you are stuck up or not able to scale as you deserve, join my mission and let me turn around your business one step at a time. 

"Selling is easy, if you know HOW!"

- Chandra Sales Coach
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