Sales Coaching for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Sales Growth Coaching for SMEs

Accelerate your Lead Flow, Sales Process Flow to achieve Positive Cash Flow with my unmatched Sales Growth Coaching that aligns People, Purpose, Performance and Profits using “4-A Sales Acceleration Model” which helps you to Audit, Activate, Accelerate and Automate your sales system with simple yet powerful frameworks, strategies and tools. I handhold the entire process for you to make it easier at every step. This is the most simplest Profitable Sales System for any business to build a High-Sales Performance culture that produces results.

I customize Sales Coaching programs for SMEs because I understand that Sales Growth is the result of conscious efforts not only in marketing and sales but in the long run, it demands coordination and optimization of other business functions. We don’t focus on only communication elements in our sales training, we customize the road map to ensure Sales Strategy is aligned with other business functions to accelerate profits. 

Participants: Business Owners, Second Line leaders, Sales/Marketing/ Business development  functional heads

FAQs on Coaching
  1. Business Owners 
  2. Functional leads responsible for Sales and Marketing

If you are a business owner who is currently taking care of many of the operations. We will coach you on how effectively you can handle marketing and sales systems so that you can build team and stream line systems. 

If you have a team, we start with coaching to business owners/management team on overall strategic roadmap followed by coaching to sales teams on essential sales strategies, skills, steps, scripts and tools. 

Coaching is ONLY for those who 

  • Has hunger to grow, process driven and ready to take action
  • Ready to let go old patterns and comfort zones
  • Committed to invest time, energy and money


Coaching is NOT for those who 

  • Do not take responsibility for their results
  • Looking for short-cut or over night results
  • Do not implement and improve using feedback

Sales is the only revenue generation activity in any business. Today, every business strives to attract leads and sell products and services. If we dissect these lead generation and revenue generation activities, we find the patterns that are unique for different industries. In our coaching, we help businesses establish customized industry-specific, demand generating process steps,  enable them to build high performing teams, evolve systems that get more qualified leads and close deals using Responsive Sales Framework irrespective of the industry and nature of business.    

Our past clients include product sellers, manufacturers, service providers, exporters, pharma, real estate,  education and steel sectors.

It will be customized after understanding where you are and where you want to go. 

Typically, in a one year coaching program, you need to allocate at least 2 hours per month for one-on-one coaching sessions. Apart from this, you need time for implementing the Key Action Points after each coaching session. 

Based on the requirements of your business, we customize the frequency of sessions at the time of your onboarding process.

We understood that many clients need hand holding support in the journey and we will ensure that you get our support at each step of your coaching journey to build a profitable sales system.

Every month as you start getting clarity on prospects, leads, approach, you will automatically start playing differently and may get quick -wins. But we encourage clients to focus on the process as we cannot expect results while still building the systems which normally takes about five to six months. Once you implement systems and test and establish lead capturing, you start to see more traction and results.

Mr Chandra and his coaching team will take coaching sessions. All our coaches use the same system and coaching framework, coaches have been personally mentored by Chandra. For every client, strategic recommendations come with his approval


It varies based on the kind of time, energy demanded to customize a program for you. 

You can book a Sales Growth Exploration Call to explore all the details. 

Due to the nature of coaching and IP, we do not provide refunds. Our principle is simple, we don’t take you as a client, if we can't provide value. 

To achieve your Sales Profits without wasting money and time

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